Our approach
to sustainability

Climate change is the challenge of our generation. We do our part by funding the construction of the most energy efficient homes in the market. We influence the behaviour of our supply chain and ensure the procurement of all building and consumable materials is undertaken in a sustainable manner.

We promote sustainable living across the portfolio, by working with our property management teams and tenants, assisting them lower their energy use and reducing waste.

Our daily key operational and management decisions are influenced by our commitment to reduce our carbon footprint.

Michael Looney
Carysfort Capital Managing Director


At Carysfort Capital, through our operations and investment decisions, we are committed to minimising our carbon footprint and enhancing the environment. Our goal is to manage a portfolio of low energy, climate-resilient buildings, support local biodiversity and promote the sustainable use of materials through our supply chain.

Our Environmental Commitments

Climate Action

Develop a portfolio of best-in-class energy efficient, low operational carbon properties

Procure 100% green power for directly managed electricity requirements*

Implement data collection for operational energy, water and waste across all our sites

Measure and manage the physical and transition climate changes risks of our portfolio

*For utilities provided by Carysfort Capital, and where tenants allow.

Environmental Stewardship

Enhance local biodiversity at all our sites

Partner with local organisations that enhance and regenerate biodiversity

Responsible Supply Chain

Implement best-practice waste and recycling management at all our properties

Work with our suppliers to minimise material waste from fitouts and furniture

Include sustainability criteria in the procurement of services and products


Our aim for social sustainability is to support our people, places, and the quality of life provided by our properties. This is achieved by our approach to building community, supporting health and wellbeing, and supporting housing for all. Both tenant and community engagement are an essential part of our social strategy, and we understand that social value can only be enhanced with a tailored approach to services and amenities.

Our Social Commitments

Building Community

Support community engagement through planned programs and social activities

Enhance the services and amenities according to the needs of tenants and the local community

Deliver proactive and accessible property management services

Promote sustainable transport options at all our property locations

Health and Wellbeing

Provide housing that has excellent thermal insulation and climate control

Supply high quality and resilient finishes and furniture to furnished homes

Promote staff health and wellbeing

Housing Equality

Support access to housing for low-income households

Provide housing for a diverse range of household needs


As an Investment Manager, Carysfort Capital leads from the front and does this by demonstrating strong leadership commitments to ESG performance. Carysfort Capital demonstrates internal ESG leadership with clear responsibilities for performance and compliance and supports programs that advance sustainability in the built environment.

Our Governance Commitments


Support local and global organisations that advance sustainability in the built environment


Leadership team personnel holds the dedicated ESG Officer role, who is responsible all ESG matters

Incorporate ESG considerations into investment decision-making processes

Seek ESG strategies from the developers we partner with


Demonstrate the highest of standards of legal and regulatory compliance

Comply with all ESG disclosure requirements that apply to Carysfort Capital